About our ice retention claims

How our coolers are tested for ice claims:

Claims that refer to the length of time (in days or hours) that a cooler “holds ice” or “keeps ice” are typically based on a Testing Protocol where the coolers are 100% filled with cubed ice and are not opened during the testing period. The test is complete when all the ice has fully melted.

Why are coolers tested this way?

Because coolers filled with 100% ice is the Test Protocol used across the cooler industry, it enables consumers to compare the ice retention performance between different sized coolers and different cooler brands. While this standard is helpful in allowing for comparisons between products and brands, it is not an accurate reflection of “real life” usage. In reality, most people would not fill the entire cooler with ice but would have food and/or drinks inside along with some ice. Similarly, most people would open their coolers at various times during usage and much like a refrigerator, coolers lose ice retention performance the more often they are opened.

Note:  When our customers use their coolers, their results will vary according to the ambient temperature the cooler is exposed to, the volume of the cooler, how much ice is placed in the cooler and the starting temperature of the food and beverage contents.


  1. Use the right amount of ice -The amount of ice used is the most important factor in achieving long-lasting ice retention.
  2. Use the right type of ice - Chipped ice and ice from ice machines are not as dense as ice from freezers and will not perform as well. Using block ice can further extend ice retention time.
  3. Pack your cooler completely full - The fuller your cooler is with cold food, beverages and ice, the longer the contents will stay cold. Empty space reduces the performance of all coolers.


Pre-chilling your cooler - For best results, pre-chill your cooler by fully loading it with ice the night before use. If the cooler starts out warm before you fill it, the ice will melt at a quicker pace as the ice will have to cool down the walls of the cooler.

Starting off with COLD contents - The colder the contents are at the time of packing, the longer they will retain their initial temperature. Keeping the cooler out of direct sunlight A cooler kept in the sun will not perform as well as a cooler placed in the shade.

Open your cooler as little and for as short an amount of time as possible - Opening the cooler frequently allows the cool air to escape and the warm air outside to get in. Opening the cooler less frequently can greatly increase the performance of your cooler.